Timperi-Trieste srl, an Italian based company, was established in 1964 from an intuition of Tiberio Timperi, after extensive experience in the development and service of high-tech machinery in both building&construction and industrial fields. Since the beginning attention and efforts have always been reflected towards east European countries, through targeted travel missions, based on the fact that between 1965-1980 lots of fresh opportunities were rising so quickly. Made-in-Italy was a distinctive and unique key note which most were looking to embrace and chase. Supporting the increasing demands of two major sectors which drove the economy carried along challenges and successful case studies which sensibly helped company’s reputation to rise among competition.
The early 80’s have been an important step in company’s path for two main reasons: Timperi-Trieste srl enforced its structure with family’s second generation joining the management’s team; focused all strategies and energies only towards the industrial field. Carlo Timperi, nowadays general manager, drove all company’s attention to set an important footprint in one of east Europeans most balanced countries, Hungary, and established deep roots into the market. Thanks to his high-end technical expertise, meanwhile sharpening exclusive strong partnerships with other Italian industrial machine producers, years after years the persistent dedication towards high-tech industrial welding and tube processing solutions allowed Timperi-Trieste srl to set for the Hungarian market an impressive level of professionalism and uniqueness  in the same field never seen before. Hungarian companies and customers, who tackle welding and tube processing fields, look up to Timperi-Trieste srl. Trust company’s experience, expertise and support to go the extra mile and absolutely improve their current scenario and performances.
Today, with Timperi family’s third generation setting footprints inside company’s structure, Timperi-Trieste srl is called to move ahead to prepare and meet future challenges, once more being able to set a higher level for Hungarian market sector. Embracing the same indistinguishable values which featured company’s life and journey up to now and paying extreme attention towards customers real needs, the company will continue to invest and plan every solution to the next coming fix.

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