Future innovations

Innovation for us means being always a step forward everyone, always taking into account where we started to assure the best solutions to your needs, respecting the environment around us

The best resistance welding partner

We have always been distinguished for the excellence we guarantee at 360 degrees. We are proud of the results we have achieved, but we are always aiming to improve ourselves to face tomorrow's challenges

Tube processing machines

Cutting machines, sawing machines, bending machines, cutting lines, end forming machines, transfer lines, profile benders, grindings and sandings for metal finishing

Sheet Metal Working

A high metallurgical quality, a great precision in thickness and a very economical workability as no further processing is necessary.

Niche process with enormous potential and diversity

Metal wire forming and bending meet the growing demand for light products, high strength and different kind of shapes.

The best products and our experience at customers' service

We supply solutions for automotive, industrial, professional and consumer sector that are developed with the specific intention of providing an up-to-date technological response to the operational and productive needs of our customers, based on a global manufacturing philosophy. It is a mission that, over fifty years, has resulted in the installation of more than 4000 machines in our focus territory.
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